Rapier Schedule

Saturday:10:00 AMField Opens
-Pickups and a bear pit will be available
-Authorizations available
11:30 AMTimed bridge battle scenario:
Fighters will be split into two teams, and a checkpoint will be placed in the center of the bridge. At random intervals, a hold will be called, and the side with the most fighters in reach of the checkpoint will gain a point. Both sides may have infinite resurrection, no DFB will be allowed.
12:30 PMDefending the Gate scenario
Fighters may be on the Attacking side or the Defending side. Defenders will have three lives, whereas Attackers may have infinite resurrection. Attackers will attempt to break through the gate as quickly as possible, whereas Defenders will attempt to hold the gate for as long as possible. No DFB.
1:00 PMTown battle
Both sides will take up opposite entry points into the Town. Both sides will have infinite resurrection. Fighters are attempting to successfully infiltrate the maze like Town to exit the other side’s entry point. Fighters will earn a point for each enemy that must resurrect, but will earn two points for each fighter that successfully exits the other side’s entry. DFB is permitted.
2:00 PMThe field will be open for any additional pickups. If you’re nice to him, Dyggvi might run some Cut and Thrust at this time.
4:00 PMField Closes

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