Main Schedule

Friday6:00 pm -Event opens
6:00 – 9:00 pm -Traveler’s Feast in Grange de Vache (Until Food Runs Out)
7:00 pm -Cavalry arena open for practice
-Cavalry 101 and Ground crew class
-Youth Heavy practice
10:00 pm-Gate closes for check-in
Saturday8:00 am-Gate opens for check in
-Newcomer’s Point opens for checkout of loaner garb
9:30 amBaronial Court with Royal Progress
10:30 am-Heavy armored authorizations
-Cavalry Authorizations/Arena open for practice
10:30 am-Youth Heavy authorizations and practice
10:30 am-Archery range opens for practice
-Heavy armored Crecy Battle with combat archery
-Artisan’s Row opens
-Rapier Inspection, authorizations and pick ups
-Thrown weapons range opens
-Cavalry Double Elimination Tourney
-Children’s Arts and Sciences
-Herald Consult Opens
10:30 am-Youth Heavy Crecy Battle
11:00 am-First archery competition
-Backlog Scroll Competition
-Rapier Supply Train Raid
12 noon -Rapier Broken Field Battle
-Coursier de Guerre course open for walkers
-Newcomer’s Point closes for checkout of loaner garb
-Herald Consult Closes for 30 minutes
12:30 pm-Thrown weapons range reopens
-Herald Consult re-opens
1:00 pm -Second archery competition
-Children’s Kubb tournament
-Youth Heavy tournament
1:30 pm-Siege of Calais/English attack
-Siege of Aiguillon/French attack
2:00 pm-Open archery shoot
-Rapier Black Sword tourney (in Amphitheater) with pickups after the tourney
-Coursier de Guerre
2:30 pm -Children’s Water Weapons Battle
3:00 pm-Herald Consult Closes
4:00 pm -All martial activities end
-Artisan’s Row closes
5:00 pm-Approximate time for Court, as per the wishes of Their Excellencies, Simone and Murienne
6:00 pm
7:00 pm-Approximate time for Annual Crecy Potluck in Grange de Vache
8:00 pm
9:00 pm -Fetes de Rue in Village of Van Hoy
10:00 pm-Drumming starts in the meadow of the Wild People
Sunday9:00 am-Walk trail ride
12:00 pm-Site Closes

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