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Return to Crecy 27-29 June 2014, VanHoy Campground, Harmony NC

The sky is black with English arrows! The ground thunders as the French Cavalry charges! Hear

the great clash of weapons on shields as the battle lines join! Join us at Crecy, during the 100

Years War. Help the French or English win the day. Join us at VanHoy campground for a day of

archery, cavalry, armored and rapier combat and A&S activities.

The site opens Friday 6:00 PM, 27 June and closes at noon Sunday. There will be a hearty beef

stew, bread and beverages available at check in Friday included in the event fee. Check in closes

at midnight, and will reopen at 7:00 AM Saturday.

Schedule of Activities Saturday:

Time Heavy Rapier Archery Cavalry A & S

8:00 am authorizations

& practice

9:00 authorizations authorizations range open Joust

10:00 Tournament Tournament Clout Shoot Joust

11:00 Tournament Tournament Clout Shoot Competition

12:00 Noon Competition

1:00 Battle of Crecy

Supply Wagon




Six Station

Crecy Shoot


& practice

2:00 Battle of Crecy


Supply Wagon


Six Station

Crecy Shoot





3:00 Bridge Battle Battle of Crecy

? Double





4:00 Bridge Battle Battle of Crecy

? Hunt


5:00 Hunt


Time Heavy Rapier Archery Cavalry A & S

7:00 Fashion Show

The A&S competitions: 1. Anything made or worn during the time period of the 100 Years War.

Five item limit. Documentation requested. 2. Fashion show at 7 pm of courtly garb worn during

the 100 Years War time frame (all cultures welcome).

The Site: Van Hoy Campground is 100 acres of mowed grassy campsites, woods and a stream.

The arena is covered and has a cement flooring. The swimming pool will be available for an

additional $5.00 per person (no lifeguard on duty). Showers are extremely limited. Portapotties

will be available. Water spigots are located throughout the site. A small convenience store

is located on site. Ground fires are fine, with evidence removed. Trash bins will available

throughout the site. Site is very wet, with no original containers in sight. Service animals only.

Hotels and restaurants are located within easy driving distance.

No feast or other meals are included in the site fee.

Camping: $20.00 for the weekend for a site with electricity.

Event Cost: $13.00 adult before June 1st, $15.00 after, $10 youth (10-17) until Jun, under 10

free. Additional nonmember surcharge is $5.00 per person. Nonmember surcharge will not be

collected from minors whom there is a discounted event fee. No family discount is available.

Autocrat: Sir Axel of Tavastia (704) 798-1888 (cell) (wremes@carolina.rr.com)

Reservations: Lady Mari de Almandara (osborne.eliza@gmail.com)

C/O Ekiza Osborne, 132 Morlan Park Rd, Salisbury NC 28146

Camping: Lady Murienne l’aloiere (dragonfly78@gmail.com)

Arts & Sciences: Lord Guiseppi de Luciano (joedulin@rocketmail.com)

Marshal-in-Charge: Duke Cuan MacDaige (dukecuan@hotmail.com)

Armored Combat: Master Achbar ibn Ali (achbar@earthlink.com)

Rapier Combat: Baroness Etain of Sutherland (claybabyetain@aol.com)

Archery: Lady Lorelei Greenleaf (loreleielkins@aol.com)

Marshal in Charge of Cavalry: Lord Alain de Rochelle (alain_de_la@yahoo.com)

Merchants: Lady Murienne l’aloiere (dragonfly78@gmail.com)

Web Minister: Gawain de Barri (chbulla@gmail.com)

Event Location: VanHoy campground, 742 Jericho Rd, Harmony, NC 28634 Take your best

route to I-77 in North Carolina. Take Exit 65 and turn left, if coming from the mountains, turn

right if coming up from Charlotte. Proceed to the frontage road (Jericho Rd.) and turn right.

VanHoy campground is 300 yards from the turn. Signs for Van Hoy Campground will be visible.

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