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Lady Maeve Dianotto

Elena Colon de Sevilla


We welcome one and all to the A& S competition for Return to Crecy the theme is traveling to Crecy in all and any forms, food, clothing, gear, ways and means, that means how.

Competitors may customize these suggestions in their areas of interest (equestrian, battle, or support).

We encourage research on these - think on how it was made, how it was used, and if it was created en route.  Other research topics may inspire others even if a physical item is not  present.  Don't forget about soft goods (textiles and the like), past times (games, jokes, songs, swindles, etc), food, or armaments for yourself, your forces, or your animals.  All categories will have a youth division and space for display only.  Limited tables will be available.

Please bring table coverings and tables if you are able.

Volunteer Sign-up

We are looking for volunteers to hand out beans to the populace that come to visit the A&S Competitions so that they may vote!


Please click the link below to go to the sign-up page:



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